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Goodbye Bottleneck.

Scale your business by automating your Site Survey, Design, and Engineering Stamp Process.

We have all let jobs slip through the cracks, this is your life blood, it should never happen, but it does.

If you have full time employees on staff just to keep track of the madness, I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

There is no reason to put up with this “(un)necessary evil” ever again.

The solution you have been looking for to effectively remove this bottleneck is real.

allows you to automate, manage and scale, so you never fall behind on your engineering and permit process again.


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What Your Doing Now

Hire staff full time to fumble through emails and hope customers don’t slip through the cracks.

With Expedraft

One person can manage everything from one dashboard, which allows you to reduce your overhead, automate, and scale your business beyond the next level.

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“ …prior to expedraft we used a lot of spreadsheets and a relentless amount of emails back and forth to manage our engineering projects… (Expedraft) has completely streamlined our process and removed our engineering bottleneck… we can grow at a faster pace!“

Mark B.Owner, TriSMART Solar

“ …(for our company) one of the biggest time wasters is structural engineering, one line diagrams and putting together design packets… Meeting Expedraft was a pinnacle moment…to put our business on autopilot…and be able to grow…thank you Expedraft!”

John Priceco-founder CR Solar Installations

Expedraft helped us streamline our process once and for all.

Renee CraigOperations, Priv Energy